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  • with all that goodness it's a surprise there any room for the potato
  • Baked Potatoes carry an A Grade for nutrition


Baked potatoes originate from the UK where they part of the staple diet and have been for centuries. There are wide ranging benefits to both eating and producing baked potatoes.

From the consumers perspective a baked potato is a tasty alternative to fast food with a huge variety of options for toppings and ways to cook. But just as importantly it also carries an 'A' grade for nutrition and is internationally considered to be a health food. Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins it is a superb dietary option.

From the producers perspective baked potatoes are cheap and easy to serve. As a non-hazardous food, they do not require cool storage and can be kept for long periods without going off. Additionally, they require almost zero production effort and no cooking skills to produce perfectly baked potatoes. 

In terms of cost, baked potatoes are one of the highest yielding profit margin options available to food outlets. They can generate from 400-1000% profit (depending on toppings) and can be produced with the absolute minimum of room and food service equipment.

That is why baked potatoes are the fastest growing fast food in North America and also why they are your 'no-brainer' food service option.

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Benefits of Baked Potatoes:


  • high profit margins
  • very low cost to produce
  • quick and easy to serve
  • no cooking/presentation skills required by operator
  • little prep time required
  • just add topping!
  • non-seasonal
  • can be served with hot or cold fillings year round
  • recognised internationally as a health food with high nutritional value
  • healthy alternative to other fast foods
  • available to vegetarians and vegans
  • easy to store
  • no cold or warm storage required
  • cook in their own juices
  • aroma is appetizing to customers
  • non-hazardous food type with long shelf life
  • provide good portion control and are easy to serve
  • can be reheated
  • great for take-out or eat-in
  • flexible toppings
  • can utilize existing produce supplies
  • sell individually or as accompaniment with other food