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Baked Potatoes achieve ‘A’ rating…


Baked Potatoes are a non-hazardous food type, which means you can store them for a long time without any cooling requirements. But more importantly they carry an ‘A’ grade health food rating due to their high vitamin content…

Did you know that when a potato goes green this is because the potato is still photosynthesising! that’s why you can grow potatoes, from potatoes without the need for seeds. This is what has made potatoes so successful and spread across the world over the years with human exploration.

Potatoes are also one of the most flexible food types – you can eat them plain, with butter, with salt, with chilli con carne, with tuna and mayo, chicken curry, shepards pie, bacon/sour cream & green onions – the list goes on.

Baked potatoes cook in their own juices – that is why it is so important to make sure that you don’t under cook them or overcook them to get the flavor just right. Also – don’t wrap them in tin foil and it is better not to pierce them, that way you are sure of getting a fluffy inside and crisp outside every time. Our potato bakers do just that – using a pressure unit, our chimneys remove the right amount of steam to give you perfect results every time. Our units also use a unique air flow system to make sure that you don’t get any hotspots or burned areas on your favourite food. The only way to cook a potato is in a purpose built potato baker!

Baking Potatoes with their skin on is the healthiest way to cook and eat Baked Potatoes, and our Potato Ovens cook them just right, every time…..go on try one – you deserve it!

Healthy Baked Potatoes

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