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The Classic 25 Baked Potato Oven combines traditional appeal with contemporary performance. The fan-assisted convection oven is highly efficient and offers great versatility for all your cooking needs.

Holding 25 potatoes in the oven and 25 baked potatoes in the merchandizing unit the Classic 25 Potato Baker produces perfect baked potatoes every time using its unique air-flow system to minimize hot spots giving your baked potato the perfect finish.

The Classic 25 Potato Oven comes in either Black Powder or Stainless Steel finish – Click Here to contact us for more details.


Potato Oven
  • Lowest cost Potato Oven – high performance
  • Separate Potato Oven and merchandizing unit
  • Available in black powder coated or stainless steel finish
  • Long lasting elements
  • Suitable for counter top cooking
  • Illuminated storage/display area
  • Holds 25 Baked Potatoes in merchandizing unit
  • Removable toughened glass write on / write off menu
  • 12 month warranty

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The Classic 25 Baked Potato Oven is our best value unit. Different from our Potato Baker range, the Classic 25 is designed to operate on standard electrical systems - in other words - you can plug it into the same socket as your television. This unit is durable, highly portable and most importantly, it produces the same great tasting baked potatoes as our more expensive units.

If you need a Baked Potato Oven that loads and cooks quickly and is easy to clean and operate, then the Classic 25 is for you. Available in either a black powder coat or stainless steel finish it looks great anywhere. And with a reduced footprint it won't eat up much of your counter space.

Potatoes will bake in about 40-45 mins in the Classic 25. You can store up to 50 potatoes at any time to help you manage your peak periods during your day.