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Baked Potato Merchandizer


The ideal way to serve and display the baked potato and many other foods, the Hot Food Merchandizer keeps your baked potatoes at the perfect serving temperature.

The Hot Food Merchandizer looks similar to our Potato Ovens, but with the Potato Oven removed the Hot Food Merchandizer maximizes warm storage room for your baked potatoes holding up to 85 at a time. Every baked potato stays fresh until served.

With doors both front and back for easy loading and self-service it couldn't be easier.


Hot food Merchandiser pics
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  • Keeps all food warm and displays to customers
  • Large units hold up to 85 baked potatoes
  • Maximize display room (no Potato Oven)
  • Available in black or claret enamel or stainless steel finish
  • Brass or stainless steel trim
  • Long lasting elements
  • Portable and suitable for counter top cooking
  • Illuminated storage/display area
  • Front and back doors for rear loading and self-service
  • 12 month warranty

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A great way to maximize your production capacity is to use a Baked Potato Merchandizer along side one of our potato ovens. This is especially good for food service outlets who require fast turn around time during peaks times such as lunch and dinner.

The merchandizer can also be used to store other items such as gravies and hot served toppings or pies, burgers, buns etc.

As with our Classic 25 potato oven the merchandizer was designed for use on standard electrical systems - in other words - you can plug it into the same plug socket as your television. This allows you to use your merchandizer wherever you want without the need to rewire your counter space.

The Baked Potato Merchandizer is available in black enamel or stainless steel finishes and has a reduced footprint so that you don't use up more of your valuable counter space than necessary.