Potato Ovens of North America

 Potato Ovens.

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  • less than 45 min prep time

Potato Ovens.

What are the advantages of having a Royal Potato Oven over a conventional oven?

A conventional oven will cook baked potatoes but a Royal Potato Oven will do so much more. Apart from the obvious quality of cooking your potatoes in an oven that has been specifically designed to do the job to perfection, our baking ovens will provide you with a means of displaying and merchandizing that you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

You can promote your baked potatoes, along with delicious fillings right in front of your customers, which ultimately means more sales and more profit for you. Our units do this by presenting the cooked potatoes in an illuminated merchandizer and filling the air with the aroma of cooked potatoes from the chimney.

If a customer can see and smell tasty, healthy, fresh baked potatoes, they are much more likely to buy, and who could resist the aroma and taste of a delicious “Baked Potato”.

Your potato baker can provide you with complete return on investment in less than a month – check out our Profit Guide section here.


Benefits of using a Potato Oven:


  • tiny foot-print: takes up less room than a microwave!
  • potatoes cook in their own steam
  • our potato ovens remove the right amount of moisture to give a crispy skin and a fluffy inside every time
  • potato ovens are user friendly
  • zero skill required to operate
  • chimney steam creates mouth
  • watering aroma to attract your customers
  • merchandising units light up and display freshly cooked potatoes direct to your customers
  • separate oven and warming unit allows you to serve crisp, hot potatoes all day long
  • counter-top or wall mountable
  • use standard electrical supplies
  • just plug and play!
  • no canopy or exhaust fan required
  • fully brandable
  • you choose the level of branding
  • ETL certified
  • food grade stainless steel and rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • potato ovens available in different colors and finishes
  • potato bakers are fan forced
  • can be used to cook and heat up other foods